Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Summer So Far...

Besides sleeping in almost every day, I've kept pretty busy.  School ended and I sort of panicked!  I found myself alone again.  It's been a huge stretch for me, but I've forced myself to get out of the house and do things.  Here are a few of the things that have occupied my time since May 28-June 24th.

1.  Tried, unsuccessfully, to attack the garage.  I worked for two solid days of unpacking and organizing and it still looks pretty much the same.  Good thing I still have July.

2.  This little babydoll turned ONE!  Her grandpa and grandma Senneff were in town from Santa Rosa, California for the big day.  They bought her that awesome pink car...wish I'd have thought of that!

3.  Lots and lots of softball games. Tyler and Danny are on the same team in a Payson league.  It's been a blast cheering for them.  Sometimes I cheer too loudly and come close to getting punched in the face by 22 year old Spanish Fork married women with big, high hair!  So, I take it down a notch.

4.  Rooftop Concert Series with Erika, Melissa, Danny, and Sarah (a family friend).

5.  Eloise had her birthday party in my backyard.  Her mother did an amazing job organizing and pulling off such a darling event.  You should check it out here.

6.  Went to a five day/45 hour CMI math trainers' meeting.  This picture is my graphic of hours I filled in as each hour passed.  I have to say that it was actually a pretty good training as trainings go.  I learned so many interesting things about how to teach.

7.  Doodled a lot during said training.

8.  Had a birthday.  (more about that in its own post)

9.  Visited the state capital.  Did you know how beautiful it is?  Sometimes I forget it's there with the beauty of Temple Square and Nordstom.  Kind of like forgetting that I live so close to these beautiful mountains.  You should take a trip to the capital on your next visit to SLC.

**  Whoops!  I forgot to number one of the pictures and I'm too busy watching "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" to go back and fix the collage in PicMonkey (awesome photo editing site btw) so I'll just tell you that I put a grill together.  It had about 150 parts!  Just call me "Ray".

10.  Attended another Velour concert where MIA GRACE performed.  Did you know that Mia is my son-in-law's sister?  She is awesome. Her singing makes me tear up.  When she sings "Violet", a song she wrote to a future daughter, I pretty much cry through the whole thing.

11.  The reuniting of the Mormojew...Provo style!  This will definitely need its own post.  Stay tuned.

12.  Shared a churro with this gal at Seven Peaks Water Park.

13.  Watching the sky light up with the fire's reflection.  Poor Utah Valley is in flames.

There you go.  

PS:  Just remembered that I spent 12 hours with three brilliant teachers from Provo School District as we rewrote the entire First Grade Language Arts Benchmark Test for next year.  That was super exciting!  :/


Becca said...

Wow, that's pretty busy! I also need to write a post about #11. Stay tuned!

PS, the capitol is indeed lovely. Visit SLC, everyone! And Provo. And Park City. And....

Rachel said...

You know, I've never visited the capitol! Except that one time where I made a wrong turn..... and drove by it. ;)

Sounds like I need to go on a field trip with the kids!

Melissa said...

It sounds like you've done some fun stuff. That is pretty cool that you got to help write the benchmark tests. Maybe they won't be so crazy like last year. I would totally be hanging out with you if I didn't live 4.5 hours away. You should come down and we can go to Moab or Lake Powell.

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