Monday, January 11, 2010

Family Christmas Party #2

For the past 12 Christmases, we have had a family Christmas party with all of Terry's kids and all (2) of my kids (just so you know, I consider them all my children but sometimes it just makes the explanation of who's who easier). Where was I? Oh, right, they all come over and we make our own little mini pizzas. I look forward to these pizzas all year.

This year, we had it all planned and then that stupid snow storm hit and we were ONE family short. Spencer and Erin (which also means Milo, Isabel, and Keeler) had to delay the drive since the freeway was shut down. Josh and Royan didn't make it either.

So...the rest of us pizza partied anyway. Melissa brought the twins (Olivia and Lyla), Erika brought Tyler and Oscar. Abbie and Forrest brought Eli and Audrie all the way from downtown New York City (Manhattan). Mel Rae brought me. Terry brought Ali, Mac, and Leo.

Here are a load of pictures from that evening (there are many, many):

Tyler and Erika makin' crust

Lyla waiting and waiting

Olivia and Aunt Erika
My beauties: Erika and Melissa

The sous chefs: Lyla and Olivia helping
Grami Tami make the dough

And one more little sous chef...Audrie
Me with Olivia

Eli with his prized motorcycle from Grandpa Terry

Grandpa Terry with Audrie and Eli

The twins cleaning up...thank you my dears.

Eli with his buddy

Terry with his two Melissas


Mel said...

cuuuute. i love my family.

Abbie said...

Definitely one of my favorite family traditions. I miss you! And love that family of mine! And I wish NYC was closer to Utah.

Oh my goodness! My word verification is CRAFT!!!!

Rainy Day Farm said...

What a cute family you both have! What a great blessing your marriage is!

Tami Anderson said...

I must agree Marie.

Linda@CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

Hi Tami,
Your comment made me laugh!! You better vote for your daughter! lol But thanks for thinking of me second :) Erika is so talented and such a sweet girl. I know she's going to do well in SYTYC.
take care,

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