Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quilt #2

(After looking back at my post from yesterday, I realized why I want this so much. But, right now I only have this (thanks Erika) so you will just have to imagine how much better these quilts look in person...hahahahahha!)

When I decided that I wanted to share my quilts with you (while at the same time creating a record for me to refer to) I struggled with whether or not to post them chronologically or randomly. The decision to post them randomly was totally based on my age.

I simply don't remember which ones came when. So, in order to maintain my integrity, I'm just going to post about them depending on how I feel that day. K?

I love this quilt. It hangs in my "home teaching room" AKA the front room. I have huge vaulted ceilings and this just seemed to scream the need to hang there. On one of my many trips to Ontario, California, I was privileged to attend the US Quilter's Show. I went with my dear friends Mary Lynn, Jill, and Kathy. We pretty much drooled the entire show. I stopped at one booth where I saw this quilt all quilted up. It is a pattern from The Buggy Barn. The name of the quilt is "Crazy About Hearts and Stars" (really?). I named it "With All My Heart". (really)

I picked out the colors when I got back to Utah and got to work. I had made a couple of quilts using the paper piecing technique...which I LOVE! (More about that on another day.) This hearts and stars quilt was more paper piecing BUT also taught me a new technique I hadn't even heard of called "Stacking". It was just a way to stack and cut the fabric so that each block was different. Very cool. This was the first quilt that I paid someone else to machine quilt. It felt like cheating. But, it turned out lovely. Maybe I'll get crackin' on another with different colors. What color would YOU like to see it sewn in?
The finished quilt is 50"x 80"

A close up.

A look at the machine quilting done at the Cotton Shop in Provo.

I folded this over to show the back.
I also made this little signature


Abbie said...

I am loving this! I love your quilts. Maybe one day I will make you teach me...

amy@flexibledreams said...

My family calls that "Stack and Whack"

Nice quilts!

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