Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Today my Erika is 21! I have dedicated several "mushy" birthday blogs about her. If you want to read them there is this one and this one. Every word is true.

But, in an effort to be more original, I am compiling a list of 10 things you might not know about Erika that make me absolutely crazy about her.
1. Erika has a wicked funny sense of humor.
2. Erika hums a little when she's drinking.
3. Erika can clean a disaster of a bedroom faster than anyone else I know.
4. She has never had to have glasses. (braces, yes)
5. Erika is an awesomecrafter. Just check out her website: www.oopsicraftmypants.net The name of her site only proves that #1 is true!
Erika in her dance costume...four years old.

Erika and Melissa
My beauties!

6. She is tender hearted. She will tear up at most things that are unjustified OR extra special.
7. Erika can SHOP! I've never seen anyone who can find a bargain like she can.
8. She has a beautiful singing voice. Ever since she was a small child, she could sing just about anything. It always makes me happy to listen to her singing.
9. I love that she adores kids. She is the happiest when she is working with children. She will make a wonderful mother and I just can't wait to see her as one.
10. Erika forgives. She is an example to me of forgiving and forgetting. She has had opportunities in her life where 'not' forgiving would have been understood, yet, she still does. She gives people second chances. I admire that about her.

11...(one more) She loves her family and would be loyal to the death. I've seen her stick up for us so many times. She isn't afraid to tell us when we aren't ship shape.

Sooooo.....I guess this did turn a little "mushy". I can't help it sometimes. Especially when I talk about Erika.

Happy Birthday my daughter/friend. I love you.


Abbie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIKA!! I love your guts! You are the little sister that I prayed for my whole life and finally got when I was 12.

Mel said...

my sissy is sooooo pretty!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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