Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My All Time Favorite Quilt

When I finished sewing this quilt, I realized that I could legally and lawfully call myself a "quilter". I LOVE THIS QUILT! I bought the pattern at Mormon Handicraft and held onto it for a while before I dared try it. It is all paper piecing except for the border, binding, and a few in-between block sashing. It was difficult. I even cried at some points as I taught myself to paper piece. I can't even tell you how many times I used my seam ripper. The sun was tricky. The color choosing made me question my ability to match fabrics. I almost quit twice.

But, through it all, I kept reminding myself that once I had sewn all the blocks together, I got to hand-quilt it. As I've mentioned before, that's my favorite part of quilting and this quilt did not disappoint. In addition to the simple joy of hand-quilting, I got to use a "new" hoop. I actually already owned one that was quite pricey. However, I found gold at Deseret Industries! The week before I finished the blocks, I was browsing at the famous DI when I ran across the exact same brand of quilting hoop only larger (which I needed) and oval shaped. Wow! I paid $2.00 for it! Don't you love those kinds of finds?

So, here it is.

This block, alone, had 92 pieces in it! Really!

The Plaque on the back.

A little blurry. I love this block.

I looked everywhere for blue raindrop buttons.
Couldn't find any.
So, I made them myself.


Abbie said...

It's my favorite too!

Adrianne said...

You are ridiculously talented in the art of quilting. You and Rhonda both are my quilting queens. However, I will never be your protege. I will leave this art to the true masters.

Rainy Day Farm said...

Wow! Love it! Those flowers are to die for! You are super talented!

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