Friday, January 8, 2010


This beautiful little girl, who grew into a lovely young wife and mother, is my dear niece Randi. She is the one and only daughter of my brother Bruce. Today is her birthday. She would have turned 30. But her beautiful life was cut short by a senseless car accident that took her life and the life of her brother Kyle 10 years ago.

How I miss her! I was so excited when Randi was born. I loved being an aunt. I was 16 when she was born and was just so proud of her. I remember bragging about her to all my friends. She was so cute. The pride of her daddy's eye who called her "Mup". She somehow fit that name so perfectly.

I wish she were still here. But, she's not and life continues. Still, even knowing and believing what I do about life and death, I still wish she were here. I can't help myself.

Happy Birthday Randi!

This picture was the last time I saw Randi. She was passing through
the Salt Lake City airport and we went up to see her.
I'm so glad we did.

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Captain BrewSea said...

thank you!
I love you sis!

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