Friday, March 5, 2010

It's My Nephew's Birthday!

Little Sloan! I can't believe how you have grown. You started out cute and you're still pretty cute! Your auntie loves you!

Here's Sloan with all of my nieces and nephews (at the time) in 1984. It was the day
of my missionary farewell. Look at that naughty little Alissa!

Here's Sloan welcoming Joel home from his mission.

Da Coacha pointing out the pretty birdies to Sloan.

The Leavitt family mafia!

This is Daddy Sloan with his little boy Austin.
So adorable.

Sloan, Austin, and Naomi.


Alissa Dear said...

I think that's Cam or Darren with Sloan at the baseball game. He was just disguised as Larry to throw off the Wynders attempts at sabotage. Also, I was really upset when you left on your mission as that picture clearly shows. Everybody else looked pretty happy you were leaving, no one missed you more than I did.

Tami Anderson said...

See how great the disguise was??? Now that I look more closely, I think it might be Mike Loose. Look at those legs!

Yes, I can see now that you loved me the most. Although Steven and Keri look pretty sad too. Maybe it's cause Grandma made you all pose for that picture.

Janna said...

That's Darin with Sloan. I'd know that look ANYWHERE! :)
Look who is holding Sloan in that picture. Man, I loved babies. Still do. I could have a million.

Sloan was cute, but man, that kid drooled constantly. I was soaked after holding him for 5 minutes while that pictures was being taken. I wonder if little Austin drools that much??

The Leavitts said...

Hey Naomi was checking out your blog and came across this sweet post about yours truly. Thanks for teh post, but that couldn't have been 1984 because I was born in 1985. Maybe that was your mission homecoming. Thanks for the kind words Tami.

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