Saturday, March 13, 2010

I just threw up a little bit...

I am not happy. During one of my school meetings I discovered that Utah (good ole Utah) spends the least amount on their students. (WPU) It used to be that we (and I'm a little embarrassed to say "we") were pretty average in comparison to the rest of the 50 states. I could always count on the fact that there would be a few states worse off than we were...Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, and the rest of those "back woods" states.

Well my friends! Not anymore. Utah is dead LAST! We spend the least amount on our precious students when compared to any other state in the union. And not by just a few dollars, but by thousands. Utah loves their students so much that they are willing to pay $5463 per student while, New York, Virginia, and District of Columbia, pay more than $12,000 per student. Bringing the national average somewhere close to $9000 per student.

And, here we are just shy of $5500. What a disgrace.

So, there you go parents. We love your kids so much and are so confident that they will be excellent leaders and competent citizens that we will pay $5500 per student to educate them each year!!

You're welcome.


Rhonda said...

Well said, Mrs Anderson and Mr Obama!!! Utah has long had a reputation for being on the lower end of the "Education" scale. Hmmmmm, how does that compute with the LDS view of education? Pull up your socks, Utah!!!!

Tami Anderson said...

See, Rhonda, that is what makes me so upset. Utah has the highest birthrate in the USA but are not willing to step up and provide the funds to educate them. We just stack them deep and teach them cheap. I will most likely have 30 first graders next year.

(taking a deep breath)

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