Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's my OTHER nephew's Birthday!

I have been searching for my little folder of photos of my nephew Mike. I have some awesome photos that I doubt anyone has seen. One of them is from a time that his sister Janna and I dressed him up like a girl...complete with make-up and the works! Do you think I could find them?? NOOO! I'm disappointed and you should be too. They were great.

As a result, I had to resort to stealing photos off of everyone's Facebook pages. I discovered that there are not a lot of pictures of Mike. Most were group photos. What have I learned from this exercise? I need more pictures of Mike. Plus, he needs to accept my friend request!!

So, here are the photos I gathered. You should know that Mike is my oldest sister Rhonda's youngest child. He was an excellent student (just like his siblings). He has a great sense of humor (just like his aunt...ha!) He served an LDS mission in France (?). He is just so dang cute. I've always thought so. I love him and I miss him. If I could, I'd jump in my car and drive to his house. Except...I don't even know where he lives now. (I'm counting on Alissa to tell me. She is my connection the the rest of the family.)

Enjoy these photos, in no particular order)

Mike and Gabriel
(How did he snag such a gorgeous wife! :) )

Mike's best side.
(just kidding)

This photo was taken at my parent's 50th wedding anniversary.
See Melissa and Erika in the front row?
Man, that was a long time ago.

Mike in Argentina.

Leavitt Family team for the softball tournament.


Alissa Dear said...

Mike, Gabby and baby Joshua are in Calgary. I'm not too sure where he's working, but I bet it's somewhere awesome!

We have pics of our Mike in dresses and make up too! Must be the thing to do!

Janna said...

Oh, Mike. He is seriously the most generous guy I know. One of a kind. Smart, generous, kind, happy, handsome, smart he married a brilliant wife and he produces some of the cutest offspring I've ever seen! Seriously.

Tami Anderson said...

So, there you have it folks. I knew someone would come to my rescue. I will go grab some pictures now. Thanks Alissa and Janne...great nieces that you are.

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