Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Jodi!

My niece Jodi is celebrating a birthday today. Only five days ago, she celebrated another birthday...this one was one where she actually gave birth. (Bless her!)

I love this woman. We have had a special relationship throughout our lives. Jodi lived with me a couple of times throughout her young adult life.
I made her vail for her wedding.
She is a very special person.

I have many pictures of Jodi, but do you think I could find even ONE of my own?? NOPE!
I had to steal all of these from Facebook and other blogs. So, Jodi, when I finally locate my many pictures of you, you'd better watch out!
I'm posting them here.
But, for now, enjoy these beauties.

Jodi is dressed in red with her sister Keri (notice the holes in her pj's) and
her brother Steven (notice the licorice covered face!)

This is Alycia. She is Jodi's beautiful daughter. I adore this little girl.
We are great friends.

Jodi with her children: Alysia, Dylan, and Justin

Some of the Talbot clan: Jodi is in the pink shirt, her husband Steve is leaning against the roof of the vehicle.

My niece Adrianne, little Alycia, and Jodi (who is pregnant in this picture)
at our family Christmas party!

Five days ago, Jodi gave birth to this little guy!

The birthday girl's family.

Happy Birthday Jodi!

1 comment:

Keri said...

What a sweet post! I love how you remember everyones birthday. Your the greatest! Happy birthday Jodi!

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