Saturday, October 30, 2010

Teaching First Grade

I am so lucky and very privileged to get to spend time with all of these awesome children, parents, and co-workers. My two favorite costumes this year were the Madhatter and Alice in Wonderland. These two cuties are cousins. Neither one knew what the other would be wearing. So creative!
Here's my little Madhatter, Grant.
I couldn't stop laughing at him the entire
day. I love him.

Here's Tayla...little Miss Alice In Wonderland.
The back of her hair was done in little, tight
curls ADORABLE!!

This is my First Grade team.
I am the luckiest teacher alive.
There is Mrs. Drumm, Me, Mrs. Reimschussel, & Miss Auich.
These are the best teachers in the entire universe.

I dare you to look into these eyes and NOT be jealous of my job.
There is something so special about this little girl.
She is like an angel. A little waif of an angel.


Rachel said...

I loved the Madhatter costume! There was one in Kirsten's class too. So cute!

Jackie Stuver said...

I tried to get my kids to each be something from Alice in wonderland and they wouldn't do it!! I even found a Queen of Hearts costume that looked adorable on Janey but no she had to be a vampire. I wanted them to all have a theme so I could do a cool picture, I hate it when they won't cooperate with me:)
You guys all looked so cute!!

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