Friday, February 5, 2010

Abbie's Quilt #2

This quilt is quite possibly the easiest quilt I have ever made.
it is also one of my favorites.
I love it so much because of the fabric.
I absolutely LOVE
red plaid.

Look at this ADORABLE photograph.
Abbie is quite the photographer. I love the way she draped the quilt
around our favorite centerpiece:

1 comment:

Kareldean said...

I LOVE, Love, Love this quilt! RED is my favorite colour ( notice the Canadian sp) We are remodeling our laundry/ 1/2 bath and it is in red. I will post pics on facebook when it's done. I want to make a quilt like the one in the pic. Is it just strips of plaid with a plaid border? How wide are the strips? You are awesome, happy quilting!!!!!!!!!!!

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