Friday, February 5, 2010

A Taste of My Own Medicine!

I'm such a mean teacher. Apparently my homework this week got parents thinking. It was the 100th day of school week and I sent home a page full of activities that parent and child could choose from for homework. Things like "write 100 words" or "find 100 items" stuff like that. I thought it would be a blast.

Then I was surfing my blog friends and came across Natalie's blog. She is the mother of Dallin who is one of my first graders. Natalie decided to go ahead and do one of the activities herself. It was the "write 100 of your favorite things" activities. I got quite excited thinking that I should do it too.

So, here is my list of 100 favorite things (you should do's very enlightening)

1. Hand Quilting
2. J Dawg hot dogs
3. Reading aloud to my first graders and using silly voices for the characters
4. Hearing my first graders giggle like loons over said voices
5. Weight Watchers on line
6. Terry's patience
7. Mel Rae's quiet strength
8. Erika's spirit
9. When I see Tyler being such an awesome husband to Erika
10. Watching tv (I know! It's brainless but I love it)
11. Singing showtunes in the car
12. Peanut butter
13. The Book Thief
14. The gospel
15. The sound of a Diet Coke dropping in a Coke machine
16. The sound of a Diet Coke can when I open it
17. Blogging
18. Dr. Soissen
19. Terry's painting of the cougar that had his marriage proposal taped to the back
20. Cheese burgers
21. Sonic mozzarella sticks
22. twin sister from a different mother
23. Organizing drawers and cupboards
24. The sound of automatic sprinklers turning on outside
25. The smell of the dishwasher when it's doing a load
26. Accomplishing a "manly" installing a toilet all by myself! (It's true)
27. Reading my students journals and laughing and laughing (example: today a little girl wrote that she was "all alone and (sigh) sad (sigh)." she really did write the sigh's in there! adorable!)
28. Orange
29. Rubber ducks
30. My Mac computer
31. The GDT
32. Isabel
33. Milo
34. Keeler
35. Yoga (oh, how I love it)
36. Twins
37. Kate Di Camillo
38. Cholula
39. 100% Whole Wheat
40. Lyla
41. Olivia
42. Canada
43. My fellow first grade teaching team: Rachel, Frankie, and Me
44. Yellow
45. Royan
46. June 7th
47. Homemade laundry detergent
48. Dresses
49. Aprons
50. Eli
51. Audrie
52. Third Nephi
53. Tying 23 pair of shoes every day (Just kidding! That is not-so-favorite)
54. Erin
55. Fort Collins
56. Spencer
57. Shoes with a wedge heel
58. The blouse that Kathe gave me for Christmas
59. My brown boots
60. Melissa
61. Josh
62. Being a wicked step-mother
63. When one of those ridiculously cute grandkids calls me "Grami Tami"
64. Honeycrisp apples
65. Peppers
66. Abbie
67. Forrest
68. NYC
69. Singing at church
70. Texting at church (shhhhhh...don't tell)
71. Playing Rock Band (but NOT at church)
72. Purple Skittles
73. Temple Square
74. Red Rock Brewery
75. Park City
76. Leg wrestling
77. Pedicures
78. Flying
79. Getting my hair cut and colored
80. Singing "Zippity-Do-Da" first thing every morning with my class
81. Listening to a struggling reader improve by leaps and bound between December and January...such a great feeling!
82. Boxtops (Ha!)
83. My Blackberry
84. My kidney
85. Forgiveness
86. Disneyland
87. Sri Lanka
88. Dreaming at night
89. "The Office" (that's what she said)
90. Salt
91. The Mt. Timpanogos temple
92. The actual Mt. Timpanogos when it receives its first snowfall of the year
93. The smell of freshly cut grass
94. One point snacks
95. Delivering good news to parents of first graders
96. Supportive parents of my first graders
97. My siblings
98. Route 44 Diet Coke w/lime
99. Silver and white gold
100. You...yes, you!

...I will now return to my quilt week...I need to add an "s" to "week". This is taking longer than I thought.

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Richard & Natalie said...

Tami, Mrs. Anderson, or fellow blogger/friend,
First of all, I love the name of your blog. Completely Canadian! Second of all, I love and am honored that you did the list. It was really enlightening wasn't it? I think I might just have to do one every year and see how it changes over the years (that and I can put things on it that I didn't on this one, but I could of.) Third, thanks for taking the challenge and playing along. I'm really enjoying getting to know some of my blogosphere friends better reading their lists...You included.

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