Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dear Keeler:

First things first...HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY! I must be the luckiest stepGrami in the universe to have you in my family. Thanks to a very bright, loving, and *together* birth mother, you are ours forever. (Well...not "mine" as in my child but, rather, your mom (Erin) and your dad's (Spencer) child.) But, I'll claim you any day.

Our family would not be the same without you. Just look at these pictures. You fit right in and look more like your parents than your brother and sister do! Wow. Just take a look:

See what I mean??

I'll bet you never knew that you are responsible for one of the happiest days of my life. Last year, you traveled to Utah with your family. You were coming here to be sealed in the Salt Lake City temple to them. You were dressed all in white. A cute little cable-knit sweater jumpsuit. Your little binky was clipped to it...just in case!

As Grandpa Terry and I got in the car with your Aunt Melissa, Aunt Erika, and Uncle Tyler, I got a call from your mommy. She asked me if I would like to hold you at the alter while you were being sealed to your parents. I immediately burst into tears. What an honor. One of the greatest honors I have ever received. Your parents thought enough of me to give me this privilege, and I will love them forever and deeply because of this (and for other reasons too, of course!)

So, there we were, dressed in white in the most beautiful room you've ever seen. You liked it a lot. You were a very well-behaved baby. You didn't cry or wiggle around at all. As I placed your little hand on top of your mom's and dad's hands, there was a beautiful, sweet feeling of unity. I KNOW you are meant to be part of our family. It was so right.

I was full of overwhelming love that day. Love for your mother, your father, your big brother and sister, your Grandpa Terry, my girls, your aunts and uncles...and on and on and on. All because of YOU. You collected all of that love and brought it to our family. Wow.

I love you Keeler. I hope your birthday is super FUN!

I love you (again!). I'll see you soon.

Grami Tami

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