Friday, February 12, 2010

Four For Four

These are my FAVORITE gifts I have ever given. I made four little quilts for my four adorable grand daughters. These quilts are the perfect size for the little girls' baby dolls (I gave them the dolls know, the complete package. I couldn't leave anything out! Plus, the cases made an excellent spot to store the quilts.) I used the quilting method I had already followed for a quilt (more about that one later) a few months earlier. I got a little bit obsessed with the technique. And, I'm still not over it!

My heart just swells whenever I see those sweet little girls playing with their dolls. All four girls (aged 1-5) knew immediately what to do with the quilts. They wrapped their babies in them and then sat down to rock them. I can't even express my happiness at witnessing that. Motherhood is so sacred to me. Being a mother is my greatest gift from my Heavenly Father. I cherish the honor of bringing little babies into the world and caring for them for the rest of their lives. I had the bonus blessing to have four step children from which came these sweet grand daughters (I don't even bother calling them "step"). So, in conclusion, watching those girls wrap up their babies in their quilts, and play "mommy" was worth every single nano second I spent making them.

I love you Isabel! I love you Lyla! I love you Olivia! I love you Audrie!


Abbie said...

Audrie loves her little baby. She sleeps with the baby and quilt every night.

PS I'm watching the Olympics and thinking of you.

Keri said...

Awe...What a sweet post. You grandchildren are very lucky to have your for a "grammy". Those blankets are darling! Kauri would love one of those. You should think about selling some of your work. There is money to be made there....;-)

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