Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Here's my quilt/sewing room...

This is the South wall.
Let me tell you about some of the things on this side of the room and why they are special in my life:
•The white pitcher, used for filling my steam presser and my iron was a gift from my bff Kathe. • The valance I purchased at DI (a second hand store). It was such a fun find...however, there are two windows in this room and I only found one valance. It bugs me. • The top row of the shelf holds five little treasures I found on ebay. They are antique ink pots circa 1830 (ish) The taller one is just a ceramic jug. • Right in the middle is an item I got from my mom. It's an old iron they used in those good old olden days. • The little figurines are part of the Lord Byron collection from Harmony Garden. At one point, I was collecting them, I have quite a few and still have the boxes. Who knows? I may have a fortune hidden in my home! • And, of course, there is my cutting table with my cutting mat...couldn't live without it.

The white plate actually says "July" on it. It is one of the things that belonged to my mother before she died. Since I collect plates (and crocks) I inherited it and I love it.

This is the West wall.
Those darling paintings were painted by my sweet daughters when they were little. I love how children's art looks when it is professionally framed. Priceless. The little quilt was sewn by one of the girls (they both made one at the American Girl club at Barnes and Noble and I'm just not sure which one made this one). The books are mostly quilting books. The blue "telephone table" was the one and only piece of furniture I inherited from my parents.
I love it but am looking for ideas to redo it.
Any suggestions?
The North wall

Here's where the sewing happens. The sewing machine and the serger.

This quilt was made by my sister Rhonda.
She is my quilting inspiration. I begged her for a quilt and this is what she gave me.
I love it every bit as much as I did on the day she gave it to me.
The East wall.
I love this window. It has a sweet little window seat. I made a pillow out of an old quilt to put on the seat. It is a favorite place of mine.

Inside the closet:
Here's where I store my extra fabric. Top shelf for large pieces of fabric. Smaller pieces and fat quarters are in the plastic bins. The bins also contain items I need for other sewing (notions, adhesives, buttons, ric rac (I love that word), binding tape etc)...all labeled of course! Projects I have started and not finished are in the side containers along with other supplies.
I LOVE the two box crates on the floor. I picked up these puppies when I was in Canada. They are sturdy, old (in a good way), and really great looking.

So...that's my sewing room. I am lucky to have my own space to work.
You really should come over and see it for yourself.
We could have hot chocolate and chat.


Abbie said...

I love that room! Christmas presents!!

Rainy Day Farm said...

Pea green with envy!

Mel said...

i'm pretty sure i made that little quilt on the wall.... yep, i'm gonna go ahead and claim it.

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