Thursday, February 4, 2010

Abbie's Quilt #1


Many years ago I made a quilt for my darling step-daughter, Abbie.
(I really do hate saying "step" daughter. I feel like she's my own) I'm quite the sentimental quilt maker. When I'm in the middle of sewing a quilt, I need to be thinking of the recipient. It just makes it very personal. I've made a couple of quilts "just for fun" with no one in particular to give them to. They are still sitting in my closet waiting for those perfect friends to give them to.

Anyway, to make Abbie's quilt more personal, I collected several pair of Terry's
(Abbie's dad and my boyfriend) old jeans...mostly 501 jeans. Then, I simply cut them into squares...matched them up with a favorite plaid/flannel fabric...put it on the quilting frame and tied that baby up. I thought it turned out kind of cute.

Now, on to the picture of those TOES!

20 perfect toes
(Eli and NYC grandchildren)
Eli's 10


Abbie said...

You know I love this quilt and that it has pieces of my dad:).

I just remembered the other quilt you gave me! I knew I had one more. The once for Eli that Audrie is now using. Bright colored stripes. I'll take pictures and send them to you.

Tami Anderson said...

OH ya! I remember that one. Yay! One more picture coming.

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